The ultimate immersive Christmas party,
at The Hanger, London Fields, E8 3SD

10th - 21st December 2018

Brought to you by The Art of Dining

Christmas isn’t just for kids. And it doesn’t come from Lapland. Welcome to the Toy Factory. Located deep beneath the mean streets of Hackney, the Toy Factory is the place you dreamed of visiting as a child but is really a lot more fun for grown ups. Though the factory has a reputation for saccharine sweetness, a place where dreams are made and delivered on Christmas Day each year, it’s actually a marvellously mischievous place to experience. The workforce of elves love to slack off and be naughty, there are toys and games galore to play with and the big boss Father Christmas turns a blind eye to it all whilst he enjoys a tipple (or three) in his office out the back.

Welcome ToThe Toy Factory

Step off an ordinary London street and follow us down into the magical world of the Toy Factory. It’s always Christmas here: a riot of light, colour, fun and surprises. A fully immersive experience, the Toy Factory will continue to operate all around you as you enjoy delicious food and drink served by elves with a little bit of attitude. The Art of Dining is well known for attention to detail and theatrical flair, which will be on display in abundance at the Factory, and guests will be encouraged to make the most of the toys and games that the factory produces. Very good girls and boys might even get the chance to visit Father Christmas in his office and maybe share a drink (if he hasn’t guzzled it all).

The room will be filled with festive toys, colour and lights. You can expect toys spinning round the ceiling on train tracks, larger then life toy soldiers keeping guard of the secret room. Workshops where toys are made in front of you (if the Elves can be bothered that is!) and wrapping paper .. lots of wrapping paper!

Delicious FoodUnlimited Drinks

Your party will be catered for by Moro-trained chef Ellen Parr, who has created a menu of bowl and finger food designed to please the big kid that hides within all of us. You’ll be unwrapping boxes containing red braised duck bao, spiced plum sauce, salted chillies and pickles. Loaded potato skins with smoked haddock, mustard and spring onions will be decorated by guests to look like much loved kids’ favourite Mr Potato Head. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without plenty of cheese, so we encourage you to melt into oblivion by indulging in raclette served with red wine braised potatoes. We’ll pop the finest elements of Christmas dinner on a skewer and invite you to smother it in as much gravy as you like at our incredible rosemary gravy fountain. For dessert you will be asked to pick your own Rudolph-inspired edible carrot cake stocking from the mantelpiece.

Unlimited drinks will be provided at various bars in the space with wines, beers and spirits flowing throughout the night to add a little extra festive cheer to your Toy Factory experience

The details

Location & Dates

In the heart of East London, The Hanger is a underground multi-purpose 6000 square foot canvas.

10th - 21st December 2018

What's Included

• Venue hire within bespoke Toy Factory set • Bowl Food & Finger Food Menu • A glass of bubbly on arrival • Unlimited Bar Tab • Actors & Theatrical Experiences throughout the evening • Top class DJ


200-249 guests £100 per person
250-500 guests £95 per person

*Prices do not include VAT

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